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From now you can takeaway your pizza!

During COVID-19 we unfortunatally have less tables available to provide everyone with our delicious pizza's. Therefore we decides to remain the possibilty to takeaway our pizza's. You can order your takeaway daily from 15.00. 

Call 020 - 785 0047
06 - 825 426 89

Olidò! - Pizzeria Amsterdam

Since 2018 we are happy to share our passion for food in the vibrant but peaceful area Amsterdam Oost. In our restaurant you'll only find high quality product from Italy. From classical Anitpasti till the best authentic italian pizza.

This is your place for a nice Italian Aperitivo on our terrace you'll enjoy the best cocktails. Our antipasti will invite you taste our unique selection of (natural) wines from the best regions of Italy. But there is no way for you to end your night out without a 'Dolci' sgroppino or tiramusu. 

We only take reservations for group with 8+ personen
Please call us on 020-7850047
Kitchen open from 17.00 till 22.00

Natural wines

We buy our wines straight from Italy, the best regions like Abruzzo, Piemonte, Veneto and so on... 

Slow raised dough

Our dough is slow raised for over 72 hours for the best taste...

Fresh ingredients

Parmaham, salami, vegetables, mozzeralla - all our ingredietns are biologic, fresh an from the best quality...

Authentic Italian pizza

Combining our ingredients with our love for quality our food resutls in the best pizza in Amsterdam