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Olidò - Pizza like how it is meant to be

Enrico Cantelmi and Tommaso Morelli, both from Italy, are the founders of Olidò! Enrico knows how and where to buy unique and tasteful products straight from Italy and Tommaso is a true pizzaiolo. These two qualities are combined in Olidò!, a true authentic italian wood oven pizzeria. 

Olidò! collaborates with small italian farmers, mostly from Italy. The ingredients are from biologic origin and the flavours are pure and original. 

Aperitivo and cocktail
With us you can drink a refreshing appertizer or a fine cocktail. 
Of course with a typical italian bite. 

See you soon, or Ci vediamo presto!
Enrico and Tommaso

Eat at home? Ofcourse you can take-away our pizza's. We work without delivery, because we always want to maintain our high quality.